Cliffhanger Class


This class is designed for boys and girls, ages 8-16, who have varied rock climbing experience (including none) and are looking to broaden and enhance their skills. Modeled on the Cliffhanger Climbing program, this class is designed to strengthen each climber’s individual skills while pushing the limits of his or her ability. By encouraging our students to strive for improvement, we hope to nurture and strengthen each climber’s natural desire for excellence and success, not only in climbing, but in life as well.

Our indoor training is held at the Boston Rock Gym located in Woburn. The Boston Rock Gym has over 40 ropes with routes of varying grades from 5.4 to 5.13. The access to such a variety of routes and grades enables us to work with each student on a variety of techniques. We follow a general plan intended to build greater strength, endurance and flexibility while tailoring a program of specific climbing techniques to the needs of each climber. The variety of skill in our Cliffhanger class gives each climber the opportunity to learn from others. We encourage a friendly, helpful environment among the participants.

By incorporating all previously learned skills and experience, each student will better understand his or her gifts and will enjoy the sense of having driven him or herself in order to expand the limits of his or abilities. As a result, each student will know the pride and happiness that comes from striving for a worthy goal and making oneself greater in the process.

* basic rope work: knot tying, belaying skills
* communication skills and terminology
* establish good vision and planning on each climb
* emphasize proper technique to ensure the formation of good habits
* strength training
* endurance training
* flexibility training
* advanced body movement
* advanced hand and footwork
* specific climbing techniques tailored to each student
* mock lead climbing