About Us

Mission Statement

The International Rock Climbing School (IRCS) is a non-profit organization founded in 2000. The IRCS is committed to offering diverse climbing and outdoor programs to children of all ages, ethnic and economic backgrounds. Knowing the importance of a comprehensive and far-reaching approach, we have developed a broad curriculum designed to build climbing skills from the most basic to the most advanced, establish self-confidence, and instill a spirit of cooperation and teamwork among all our students. By incorporating simple instruction into a program of extensive hands-on experience, our students will gain the skills, discipline, and confidence to succeed in any future endeavor, while at the same time developing a genuine love and respect for nature and the outdoors.

School Philosophy

We believe the best way for a student to learn and truly understand rock climbing is by following a long-term, highly structured educational program. Unlike many other activities open to children, rock climbing cannot be adequately learned in a weekend or a few weeks during the summer. Rather, students must study and experience the obstacles and complexities of safe climbing over a much longer period: a period extending even into years. Only through extended and determined study can a child gain the confidence and develop the communication skills necessary to lead or even simply undertake a safe wilderness expedition. With this in mind, the IRCS offers a graduated program along which students will be able to both mark their progress from novice scrambler to expert climber and acheive a comprehensive and detailed outdoor education.

General Information

Rock climbing can be divided into two distinct though interdependent branches: individual climbing skills and collective teamwork. At the IRCS we develop both of these facets concurrently in order to create solid all-around climbers. Beginning with the basics of knots, ropework, body movement, hand- and footwork, we will give every IRCS student the skills he or she needs to climb everything from sheer walls to cracks and overhangs. We will nurture individual climbing excellence in each of our students. Simultaneously, we will teach our students the necessity of good teamwork in order to succeed in any outdoor expedition. They will learn communication, problem-solving skills, group safety, collective action, and the joy of being part of a successful team.

We are constantly improving our programs to fit our students better and welcome any help or advice from all parents. The chief advantage of having small classes is that we are able to build strong, long-term relationships with all our students and their families. Only by working closely together with each parent can we achieve our most important goal: great physical condition and health, strong connection with Nature which will give kids confidence in their entire lives.

If you have any questions or would like to enroll, please contact us: