Our students come from different ethnic backgrounds such as Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Irish, and Scottish just to a few. This makes our school truly international.

The ages of our students range from 6 to 17 yrs. Our classes consist of students of different age groups, which makes our school truly unique. During class, the older students have a great time helping the younger ones, giving them someone to look up to.

We are very proud of our students because wherever they go, they respect other climbers, nature, and their surroundings. We are also proud of our students for their excellent performance in school, especially when it comes to physical education.

As you may notice, in recent years, climbing has become just one of many indoor activities. Despite that, many of our students love climbing outdoors, on real rock, in a real environment, which makes climbing a true adventure.

We are grateful to have these students, because they represent our school in the best possible way.