Alpina Climbing Team (Non-Competitive)

The Alpina Climbing Team was created in 2003. It is a unique program designed for ages 11-17.

Temporarily NOT available.

Team Alpina is an adventure team! The team participated in many expedition style trips to California, British Columbia, Colorado, Utah and of course New England.  Yosemite, Squeamish, Bugaboos, Indian Creek, Red Rocks, Red River all these places have seen the team climbing at it’s best multiple times.

The team works hard to train for the trips. Practicing regularly indoors and outdoors polishing all sort of climbing techniques. When the team members show a great level of technical and social skills it is time to go on a big trip.

Who can join the Team? Anyone who is interested in learning adventure climbing!


To register for the Alpina Climbing Team, please fill out a registration form.









Alpina Climbing Team classes temporarily not available.




We ask that you pay by check within the first week of every month. Price based attendance of one class per week.

These prices are not dependent on absence from class. If your child has missed a class, we have make-up classes available. If you would like to schedule a make-up class, please send an email request to



Our ultimate goal is to provide the most complete training in the art of mountaineering, while studying all aspects of trad climbing, mountain life, and emergency situations.

General Physical Training:
* Pull-ups
* Push-ups
* Leg Lifts
* Short distance running (50-100m)
* Long distance running (1, 2.5, 5mi)
* Flexibility training
* Balance training on the slack line

Technical Climbing Training:

* Learning all aspects of technical climbing indoors, and practicing them outdoors.
* Studying, improving and mastering trad lead climbing skills on additional weekend trips.
* Ropework such as multi-pitch rappelling, setting up pulley systems, fixing ropes, crevasse rescue.

Ice Climbing and Winter Mountaineering:

* Top-roped, technical ice climbing on vertical walls
* Multi-pitch ice climbing on moderate terrain
* Overnight winter camping