Waimea Climbing Team

Waimea Climbing Team is a NON competitive youth climbing team, for ages 10 – 17 years. The Team was created in 2001!



Waimea Climbing Team classes at Callenge Rocks in Hingham, MA

Tuesday 6-8pm
Thursday 7-9pm




We ask that you pay by check within the first week of every month. Price based attendance of one class per week, however you are welcome to attend two classes per week.

These prices are not dependent on absence from class.

To enroll please email Aleksey at intlclimbingschool@gmail.com


The Waimea Climbing Team is a youth Climbing team, which has a huge history of achievements.




Founded in 2001, our team is the oldest in the region and has developed many great traditions.

We climb not only indoors, but outdoors as well.

Seven students of the Team became USA National champions in all three disciplines: sport climbing, speed and bouldering.

The team ages range from 10 to 17 years old. We have a very supportive group of team parents on our side as well.



Our primary goal is to create a cooperative group of teammates, who enjoy climbing together. Also, we want to teach and practice a variety of climbing techniques that are necessary for great performance. In order to achieve these goals, we practice two days a week for 2 hrs per practice. We do stretching, conditioning, bouldering, endurance and power training, technical, speed, and lead climbing.


Christina DiNapoli

Team Waimea

First 10 years of Team Waimea video: