Waimea Junior


Waimea Jr. climbing team is a program for younger students interested in competing on Team Waimea. The practices take place at the Boston Rock Gym on Thursdays from 4-6PM. We create a fun, friendly environment that encourages students to put effort into achieving their goals. Waimea Junior train seperately from Team Waimea in order to gradually adjust to the intense workouts with games and closer supervision. In the spring, Waimea Junior competes alongside Team Waimea and contributes to the school’s achievements.


Our primary goal is to create a tight-knit group of teammates, who enjoy climbing together. Also, we want to teach and practice a variety of climbing techniques that are necessary for great performance at competitions.

In order to achieve these goals, we practice once a week for about 2 hours. We do stretching, conditioning, bouldering, endurance training, technical, speed, and lead climbing.