2016 so far: Bouldering Open Nationals, Bouldering Youth Nationals, Open Sport Nationals, Collegiate Nationals

Bouldering Nationals 2016

Congratulations to Waimea team on their strong performance!



7 climbers from our team qualified to go to the Bouldering Youth nationals.
Stine Ornes could not come as she was attending an outdoor school.
Great work everyone!

Michael Jucewicz – 6th
Josh Ku – 46th
Savelei Nemchuk – 29th
Anneli Ornes – 37th
Erika Rothrock – 40th
Isabella Snyders Dykeman – 22nd

Open Bouldering nationals had some of the Waimea alumni:
Andy Lamb  – 8th
Rowland Chen – 40th
Tristan Chen – 42th
Brian  Nugent, – 62th

Sport Climbing

Erika Rothrock Team Waimea placed 23rd in Open Sport Nationals


Lamb, Andy – 8th bouldering
Tristan Chen – 3rd sport


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