2016 Sport & Speed Youth Divisional Championships

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Congratulations to all team Waimea climbers who competed at the 2016 Sport & Speed Youth Divisional Championships! Everyone worked hard  and showed great sportsmanship and perseverance!

The results are in and 5  of our athletes qualified for nationals: Erika, Isabella, Savelei, Ellen and Julie (speed)!

Here are the results:

Anneli Ornes  (Female C)-  12th (Sport) and 14th (Speed)
Ellen Gerberick  (Female B) – 3rd (Sport) and 3rd (Speed)
Isabella Snyders Dykeman (Female B) – 5th (Sport) and 2nd (Speed)
Marina Barile  (Female B) – 10th (Sport) and 7th (Speed)
Erika Rothrock  (Female A) – 6th (Sport) and 5th (Speed)
Julie Clark  (Female A) – 10th (Sport) and 4th (Speed)
Colton Blomquist Team Waimea (Male D) – 16th (Sport) and 11th (Speed)
Zachary Barry (Male D) – 18th (Sport) and 9th (Speed)
Brian Rocca (Male C) – 19th (Sport) and 9th (Speed)
Savelei Nemchuk (Male B) – 3rd (Sport) and 2nd (Sport)
Michael Jucewicz (Male B) – 11th (Sport) and 10th (Speed)

Congratulations everyone!



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