Team Waimea at PanAmerican Championship in Chile, Nov. 2012

Congratulations to members of our Team Waimea for excellent performance at Pan American Climbing Championship in Chile.

Daniel Berman

Daniel Berman placed 23 in bouldering. He climbed very well, only a small mistake (not controlling a finishing hold on problem #4) did not allow him to go to semifinals.


Chloe Laberge

Chloe Laberge placed  4th in sport/lead. Chloe did a great job. She was in the 7 way tie in qualifiers, and then climbed on hard enough in the finals all the way to the last hold, but could not control it, which put her into 4th place.

Andy Lamb

Andy Lamb placed 4th in lead, 2nd in bouldering. Andy climbed well through out the competition. He had a small misread of sequence in the lead final, which led to his fourth place finish. The top 5 in male juniors were all strong, and anyone could have won.

Katie Lamb

Katie Lamb placed 2nd in lead/sport and 3rd in bouldering: Katie climbed well, and looked really great throughout the lead competition. She climbed with assurance, and looked really strong.  At the end of the competition, she and two other American girls were in a dead tie. All three had flashed every single route — both qualifiers and the final. (there was no semi-final).  So they broke the tie based on climbing time of the final route — and Katie lost by 3 seconds.

Katie knew that time would be  a factor, and she climbed much faster than she usually does, completing the route in 2 minutes, 53 seconds. It turned out to be 3 seconds too much.



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